Our Mini Jeep Challenge activity is the only one of its kind in the uk

12 years and above for solo driving,
5 - 11 years for passengers on our twin seat parent and child jeeps.


The challenges are...

Camo grid

Mud pit

Tilt it

Log corner

Between the bridges.

Orange or blue

Slip n slide

3 wheel contact

More to follow...

Our mini jeep track is apparently 200 meters in length with many different surfaces to experience whilst you enjoy this one of a kind activity only available at Billing Aquadrome,

When you arrive at our off road course you will be taught all you need to know by one of our instructors, your instructor will familiarize you with the controls of our unique mini jeeps, you will be required to complete your first two laps on our flat track ( no obstacles or challenges )
Once the first two laps are complete the instructor will then guide you over the challenges one by one showing you the required speed to approach and correct Technique to complete each obstacle.

Once you have completed all the obstacles with instructor guidance you can then free roam the track at your own discretion.

We have two versions of our jeep to choose from for your Challenge.

Single seat solo challenge jeep
£14.99 for 15 minute challenge.

Twin seat parent and child challenge jeep
£14.99 for 15 minute challenge.

All jeeps fitted with roll cages and seat belts
All participants are required to ware helmets at all time whilst taking the challenge.