About us

The first official hovercraft was developed back in the 1950s by the Englishman, Christopher Cockerell. Since then the hovercraft has been developed and grown in usage across the globe due to their versatility. Because of the way the operate, hovering above the ground they can cover almost any terrain, grass, snow, ice, swamps and many more and as a result can reach harder to get places that wouldn't be accessible by vehicles or boats, which not only makes them perfect for recreational use but also for the military and rescue services as well.

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Based on Willow Lake within Billing Aquadrome in Northampton, our hovercraft school offers variety of packages offering a thrilling day out. There are also many other activities within the Aquadrome if you're looking for whole day out and something for the younger ones to do as well.
The single seated Snapper hovercrafts are easy to control and tremendous fun, suited for ages 14 and over.

For your first time with us you'll need to book in for a lesson which will last approximately 30 minutes or 15 minutes for a taster / mini lesson. During this lesson one of our fully trained instructors will teach you the ins and outs of controlling your hovercraft so you can operate it safely. Once you've had your initial lesson you are free to book into one of our sessions where you can then have even more fun.

Our hovercraft course will take across land and water to provide the full hovercraft experience.

Gift Vouchers available from booking page

Gift vouchers Price
Hovercraft piloting lesson £29.99
Hovercraft session £29.99
Hovercraft ride for two for 10 minutes £24.99
Hovercraft lesson plus session 60 minutes £54.99
Mini Jeeps 30 minutes off road challenge £24.99
Mini Jeeps 30 minutes plus hovercraft piloting lesson £54.99

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q) How old do you have to be to have a solo flight with the hovercraft? A) The minimum age for a solo flight is 14yrs+.
  • Q) What should we bring? A) We provide all the necessary protective clothing but you should bare in mind that the activities are outdoors so you need to wear suitable shoes and clothes for the weather on the day.
  • Q) Is it dangerous? A) All activities have their dangers; motorsports are dangerous if not taken seriously. Our instructors will provide clear safety instructions which if they are followed will make your day a very safe enjoyable activity for all.
  • Q) How do we book? A) You can book on this website or you can turn up on the day. We will try to accommodate you if availability allows. It's always best to book in advance if possible.
  • Q) How long does it last? A) You will be on site about an hour.
  • Q) Do I need to be physically fit? A) Yes, you need to have a good general level of fitness to take part on our activities. Our Hovercraft are piloted in a kneeling position, we can provide knee pads on request. Maximum weight for our Hovercrafts is 20 Stone.
  • Q) Is there anywhere local to stay? A) Our site is in a holiday park so there are many different types of accommodation available, from budget to glamping and more....
  • Q) What time do we need to be there? A) You should arrive a minimum of 20 minutes before your booking time